The 10 qualities that must be met during the hard times

now, many people have entered the business of the army, they want to make their own business to make money, enjoy the wealth of life. In the current economic downturn, the desire to promote the development of business is a bit like swimming in jelly. At this time, people who are not efficient or volatile are definitely not suitable for leadership positions.

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Sichuan dish to join to bring rich business opportunities

in the development of hot food and beverage industry, the local characteristics of the flavor of food by consumers and investors of widespread concern and favor. One of the most popular franchise industry or Sichuan to take food, this snack started from Chengdu to today’s major stores in blossom everywhere throughout the country, has been the most popular catering market catering business projects, more consumers become the most respected dining options, and detonated business opportunities! read more

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Yao Guanghua mining wealth from the outdated magazine

we have more or less entrepreneurial ideas, but always think of what is not good, in fact, opportunities are everywhere to see if you can hold, there is such a young man in his old newspapers and found a business opportunity, entrepreneurship is a result of the high income, let’s walk him!

wholesale volumes, dig into the pot of gold

1999, a factory in Wenzhou for a few years. Yao Guanghua ended up not to make money from relatives working life, the villagers borrowed money to open a small bookstall. Wenzhou migrant workers in particular, after work there is little entertainment, reading is one of the most cost-effective ways of leisure, there are many bookstalls near the factory, Yao Guanghua certainly thinks it can make money.

2000 in April, Yao Guanghua took the borrowed money, came to Hangzhou for a magazine, in each of the 0.5 yuan price once bought 25 thousand magazines "The Classic of the Great Wilderness". Based on experience, he knew that this is the main story of the small story is the most popular working.

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To do a good job of pet service can also get huge profits

Yi Kang home press pet is a human partner, with the gradual increase of people who have pets, pet services industry is also popular, forming a huge business opportunities. How to grasp the pulse of the market, paving the way for their wealth, look at the eyes of investors who have not found!

Americans each year on their pets to spend more than $30 billion, through the design, manufacture and sale of dog brands can earn a lot of dollars. The sweater and jacket raincoat will become the best-selling products around the world, but the dog lovers will also buy dog brand hat, goggles, boots, shirts, scarves, and even some people will purchase a Halloween costume for their beloved dog. read more

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Jiangsu flood relief by the Central Emergency Fund 800 million

heavy rainfall this year, the rise of severe, many places in the heavy rainfall, but also facing the typhoon struck, to the people’s lives and property safety, causing great hidden dangers. According to the Jiangsu flood situation is grim, Jiangsu flood relief by the Central Emergency Fund 800 million, let us look at the specific reports.

The Ministry of Finance website

7 12 shows, July 11th, the Ministry of Finance in conjunction with the relevant departments of emergency emergency relief funds allocated 800 million yuan, including large flood control and drought relief subsidies 500 million yuan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, support Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou and other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) flood control and disaster relief, repair damaged water conservancy engineering; agricultural production 300 million yuan in relief funds to support Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, Sichuan province to carry out agricultural production recovery replant replant. read more

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Yu Minhong advice to entrepreneurs to have ideals

if you want to start a business, the first thing you do is not to find the project, but to establish their own ideals and goals. Many entrepreneurs are feeling, the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny, we can not deny that there will be a gap between the ideal and the reality, but it is not ideal for us to give up. The ideal of a person’s height, the idea of a person’s width, a person into the top of the stone in Pyramid, is supported by thousands of stones below.

1, to recognize their own strengths and weaknesses in what place, with strengths to avoid your weaknesses read more

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Where children’s clothing shop will be better

children’s clothing shop is a lot of friends want to engage in an investment project, if you want to open a children’s clothing store, where the meeting is better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, we want to help.

first of all, according to the location of their own shop location

before choosing the location of the store, we must first clear the scale of their operations and operational positioning. That operation is the cosmetic, non-staple food and other consumer goods, you should choose near a residential area or community; assuming operation is the furniture, appliances and other goods with cost, we must choose a convenient transportation business district. Where to open children’s clothing store? Under normal circumstances, most of the shops to choose in the relatively large flow of people, especially the local commercial activities are more business district. read more

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How to join the ice cream project

how about joining the ice cream? Ice cream is now one of the most popular consumer snacks, followed by the development of China’s dessert industry, currently in the market has great prospects for development, then join the ice cream project how to operate? Let’s share it further.

some delicacy is not restricted by seasons, such as ice cream. This kind of food in the market has a high sales, attracting a lot of attention of consumers. For entrepreneurs, the choice to open an ice cream store, is the key to their easy profit. Shop on the way we often encounter some problems, how to operate the ice cream shop in order to open it? read more

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2016 part time workers who have good business opportunities

no one to earn a little extra money, as long as you have the relevant skills, time to arrange. However, because now choose part-time entrepreneurs are more and more, in this context, naturally we need to choose a good business opportunities. So, in 2016, part-time workers who have good business opportunities?

2016 office workers part-time business opportunities? 1, the establishment of their own personal blog site

is now a lot of projects related to promotion of the assembly line, which is not marketing, but their said do Wangzhuan recommended to others, can get the recommended awards. So you need to do a personal website to promote the classic project. Is to earn a network is such a site. Special recommendation of all domestic and foreign Wangzhuan project all money project, you could say that our mutual benefit! Can get more revenue. Of course, blog promotion and website promotion is the same. Now who will not apply for a blog? read more

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Entrepreneurs set up shop to do five aspects of preparation

many entrepreneurs are trying to find a suitable venture, but entrepreneurship is not no overnight, Everything is going smoothly., relax, positive attitude. So we are starting businesses, shop, how to stand out, choose a suitable development of the industry is the most serious need to consider before the start. Do more research, more understanding of various industries. So what do you want to do before starting a business.

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3 ways to start empty handed the rapid growth of the company

business is very difficult, especially the start empty-handed entrepreneurs will encounter many problems, the following story to which people struggle in the entrepreneurial road some incentive.

  DaveKerpen is an American Series entrepreneur, he recently created an enterprise, LikeableLocal was very lucky to get the attention of investors. However, when he founded the first company, LikeableMedia, he also suffered a crisis, which also makes it difficult for him to raise funds. In the past 6 years, LikeableMedia has grown by more than $6000%, and has been listed on the top of the top 500 U.S. SMEs in the past two years. read more

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Beauty salon management rules to maintain good old customers is very important

now society, people’s beauty and the increasing demand, there are more and more people began to open in the beauty salon, as we all know, the beauty salon business is still need to rely on some old customers to support.

how to maintain good old customers? When consumers in the purchase of goods or services, will have to choose according to the above four consumer awareness, and then focus on their own and value coincide with some goods or services, and finally struggled to decide what to buy a commodity. Under the surface to see what types of customers to buy psychological. read more

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Chengdu Fifth Agricultural nnovation and entrepreneurship tea conference ended successfully

investment and entrepreneurship has been found under the wind, it is the rural areas. With the development of urban development is increasingly saturated, the rural market has not yet been fully developed to attract the attention of many investment entrepreneurs.

to encourage the return of innovation and entrepreneurship, promotion of Chengdu agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship policy, yesterday, Chengdu city held Fifth Agricultural Innovation tea will (peasant entrepreneurs session). Vice mayor Xie Ruiwu attended the meeting and delivered a speech. read more

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How to dig a new selling point of furniture stores

now Jiezhuang market development is getting better and better, so it spawned a whole Home Furnishing more chain brand, the brand more natural, competition is more intense, as the venture investors want better business, you need to constantly explore its selling point, so that the overall furniture franchise store owner must first know how to mining new selling point for the start of business management, the following is the overall furniture franchise business to know:

furniture franchise stores in selling products to clear it, but this is not a simple commodity pool operators if so, positioning, will cause consumers not recognized, then affect the sales of other products. Furthermore, the price of the product can not blindly pursue the aristocracy, so it is easy to lose some of the low-end consumer groups, so that the number of consumers to join the chain of furniture to reduce the overall. Therefore, in the product sales to take flat with your way, so that it can cover more people, but also to make the whole furniture chain stores to join the source of stability! read more

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Daohuaxiang actively create the most promising entrepreneurial services

entrepreneurial services is a hot word innovation and entrepreneurship in 2016, the emergence of entrepreneurial hot words, it represents the trend of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial service industry is also one of the top ten prospects in the industry in 2016. "13th Five-Year" period, Cai Hongzhu said Daohuaxiang is to create the most promising entrepreneurial services "".

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How to carry out entrepreneurial projects


is not very understanding of the market investors, perhaps as long as their new projects are very good, for it is not feasible, will not be too concerned about, in fact, want a really suitable for your business projects, the need for an examination. So how to change the project to investigate it?

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Open family rental shop to make money

as long as there is a market demand, start our brains, we can often open up the sale of unexpected good business. This is the main character of this article, with the family rental shop this innovative business opportunities, so that they earn a greater wealth.

shop business, taking advantage of it, there is a need for a profound understanding and keen observation of the environment, so as to fully mobilize the "genuine" can be used for their own services.

in Japan, the aging trend is becoming more and more serious, but young people have worked hard, so the old man’s life can not take good care of life. In response to this, some businesses have found a place where can be used. read more

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