Xining national tax to take a number of measures for the going out business services

to better promote the development of enterprises in the overseas investment and management in Xining City, the IRS adopted a number of measures to seriously do a good job of "going out" management and service work of enterprise development strategy, actively encourage enterprises to explore the international market, and make China’s overseas investment enterprise tax management service.

Xining City, the IRS

with "going out" the actual situation and requirements, make full use of the "12366 tax service hotline, the tax service hall and other carriers, timely release of information and related policies and regulations propaganda, assigned to provide overseas investment tax guidelines for enterprises, hot and difficult questions about overseas investment enterprises, provide targeted tax service better for enterprises overseas investment to provide multi domain policy guidelines in all directions, and escort for the development of enterprises. At the end of October 2011, has been "going out" enterprises corporate income tax credit 36 million 630 thousand and 200 yuan. read more

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The financing guarantee institutions for financing of small and medium sized enterprises credit supp

cash flow is important to the enterprise as blood to the human body. Since last year, the economic situation is complicated, industrial environment to increase the downtown pressure on the economy, small and medium-sized enterprises in Qinghai province a lot of much-needed funds through financing guarantee system of the "golden lever", effectively alleviate the financing difficulties. President of the Financing Guarantee Industry Association unit, Qinghai Tiancheng credit Company Limited by Guarantee as an example, through the re guarantee, counter guarantee and other means, the balance of the insurance company last year exceeded 8 billion yuan. read more

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Public rental property management approach

In order to further improve the urban housing security system, regulating public rental property management, combined with the actual, Qinghai province formulated the "Qinghai province public rental housing common property management measures" (hereinafter referred to as the "management measures"). The "management approach" clearly: the protection of the object can be purchased in accordance with the cost of construction of public rental housing property rights, the implementation of common property rights can also be a one-time purchase of public rental housing limited property rights. Approach since 8 this month.It is reported that the province’s

, the sale of public rental housing (including before the merger of the low rent housing) according to copies of the application, review and sale of property management, the application of "management measures". According to a common property, refers to the local government and security according to the proportion of capital contribution to share the same set of public rental property, the personal property purchased by the security object in accordance with the construction of public rental cost; buy the remaining property guarantee for government property, personal property insurance share objects with the approved according to the contribution of single units of public rental construction costs accounted for the proportion of the price. The first time the purchase of public rental property rights guaranteed by the local government according to the actual situation, but not less than 60%, the number of public rental property purchase, the proportion of individual property rights corresponding to the timely adjustment.

"management measures" to encourage the protection of objects made public rental limited property rights clearly, the protection of objects in 5 years (with the signing of the purchase contract date) purchase Fangjiekuan, according to the original construction cost; 5 years later within 8 years of purchase, according to the original construction cost price plus the bank loan interest the approved purchase Fangjiekuan; 8 years later, according to the market price and the relevant assessment will determine the placement price. Did not obtain limited property rights or access to limited property rights for 5 years of public rental housing, shall not be sold, leased, lent, idle and unauthorized change of use. read more

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Xining City East District to carry out a series of activities to create national unity and progress

only when the brothers and sisters of the whole family live together in this big family, our strong dream will come true…… September 17th, held in the Eastern District of national unity and progress in the development of advanced thematic lectures. After the lecture, the East will also carry out a series of rich activities, the creation of the national unity and progress to promote the activities of the region’s curtain.

East District, 1/3 of the population is a minority, the unity among the nationalities, integration is particularly important. From the eastern development of people’s livelihood, promote economy of the area to improve the happiness index of the residents of all ethnic groups, let everyone britherhood sisters hehemumu, a pro. To this end, the East District has also developed a "national unity and progress of advanced areas of the implementation of the program", from the reality, vigorously develop the national economy. In the future, the East District will be supported by the approval of various projects, projects, financial support and other aspects of the national economy, increase poverty alleviation and development efforts to give priority to support and help ethnic minorities get rich. At the same time, relying on the cultural characteristics of the eastern minority ethnic groups, the development of halal food industry, tourism culture and other characteristics of the industry. The advantage of the Great Mosque of Dongguan relying on tourism resources, and promote the integration of Islamic culture and tourism depth. To support a minority of special commodity fixed-point production enterprise and national handicraft production enterprises. Accurately grasp the focus of investment and support in Xining, the focus on the development of structural adjustment and steady growth, and promote the construction of halal industrial park. read more

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This year the Provincial Department of water resources to invest 72 million yuan to transform the wa

This year the provincial capital

water supply departments to further increase the water supply network transformation efforts, improve the pressure of Nanchuan Road, Nanshan Road sections.

December 6th, reporters from the Xining water (Group) limited liability company was informed that this year, the water sector to raise funds, on the one hand continue to increase efforts to transform water supply network synchronization, on the other hand with the municipal road construction, high quality pipe pre installed in the new road construction, expansion of water supply areas, increase the pipe pressure, to ensure the city to improve the water quality and water pressure. read more

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Reporters interpret the story behind the basket

people are most concerned about is to eat, wear, live, line. "Government work report" the vegetable basket project as a priority among priorities, put forward to build the vegetable garden, rich "food basket", "dish cloth booth", "food standard merchants", solve the difficult to sell vegetables and people to buy food expensive problems, ensure that the market price stability. What is the construction of vegetable base in our province? Vegetable prices have not reduced? Market supply can not keep up? In this year’s two sessions, the evening news reporter for you to interpret the matter behind the province’s food basket project. read more

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Xining City Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade cracked a drug trafficking case

recently, Xining City Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade uncovered drug trafficking case, seized more than and 100 grams of methamphetamine, Ma Ancient 100, arrested 1 suspects.

in February this year, the city branch of the anti drug brigade got a clue at work: a man carrying a large number of drug trafficking in Xining, after police patience careful Mopai visit, a man surnamed Zhang gradually surfaced. April 24, 2009, the city branch narcotics brigade police in Xining Railway Station from Chongqing to buy drugs to return to Xining Zhang captured. read more

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Shanghai experts to teach experience in Xining


Shanghai Pudong city and my sister city, we carried out a number of cooperation activities, training for promoting scientific and technological talents in our city, and further enhance the ability of independent innovation of our enterprises, promote the development of economy, the city in September 13th, at the invitation of the Shanghai municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Pudong experts Dr. service group in our city to carry out lectures to help activity. Municipal Committee, organization department minister Zhang Xuetian attended the forum. read more

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Shocked the Xining shootings suspect cracked Xining police arrested in Handan

after nearly a month of continuous fighting, in October 12th, Xining police successfully cracked the provincial capital shocked the 9· 14 shootings, the principal Wei in Hebei province Daming County arrested.

September 14th at 11 o’clock in the afternoon, the suspect Wei holding homemade pistol broke into a foot bath in Xining City, shot the foot of the city manager Hemou Hemou Zhao fled after wounding. After the incident, the provincial leaders to make instructions to require the public security organs to solve the case as soon as possible, the case was listed as provinces and cities handling cases. Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau, the East Branch of the organization capable police, quickly set up a task force, sent police investigators, has traveled to Hebei, Shandong, Ji’nan and other places to work. After nearly a month of continuous fighting, in October 12th, the task force in Hebei Province, Handan County, the suspects arrested. read more

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The auction lot of horses to find a good blanket

1 million 500 thousand, 1 million 800 thousand, 2 million, an increase, let each a beautiful handmade carpet rising value, whether it is used to collect, watch, these give a new meaning of handmade carpets was optimistic about their horses with the highest price welcomed home. In August 7th, the province held a Handmade Tibetan carpet auction, a pure silk handmade carpet to the price of 2 million yuan was taken. This is also the most expensive auction auction.

as the auctioneer a hammer will fall, the bidders will become the new owner of the carpet. In the auction site, other exotic "Persian carpet · Tabriz" reproduction of the ancient Persian Royal archery scene; Hetian silk and gold price than peacock knitting a "Qiuci dance" attracted the attention of many viewers……

it is responsible for the auction of the commerce department responsible person, the auction by around the auditions collection, the experts, from 100 auction in the final selected 31 pieces of carpet products to participate in the auction, some of these handmade carpets from China, some from Iran, Pakistan, India and Nepal. After a fierce price competition, the last successful auction of 20, the total turnover reached 4 million 390 thousand yuan. Among them, an area of the largest, pure silk of the Persian Handmade Blanket was Xinjiang auction price of 2 million yuan. Wang Jingping, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, the successful auction of these carpets are hand woven, showing that people in the exquisite carpet dyeing and weaving, carrying the different regional cultural characteristics. I hope that through such activities, so that more people realize that the carpet is not only consumer goods, but also works of art and collectibles.   read more

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Xining City Transportation Bureau 2010 petition work through the target assessment

2010 in December 16th, the city’s leading group on the work of the petition petition work conducted an annual assessment.

City Transportation Bureau on 2010 petition work report. In 2010, Xining city traffic bureau petition work to do the five in place, the implementation of four, five changes, namely: five in : one is the ideological understanding, the two is the organizational leadership in place, three is the working mechanism in place, the four is the work of supervision and guidance measures in place, five is in place. four implementation of : first, to strive for accurate classification, and the two is to solve the problem in accordance with the law, the rule of law is the most detailed mediation, and the three is to strive to be detailed and accurate, and the four is to provide accurate information feedback. five changes: one is by paying attention to the reception petition to change the active visit, the realization of the two single by administrative means to economic, legal and administrative means of combining transformation, three by passive coping to the source of prevention, tackling the problem, focusing on the fundamental change, four is from mainly relying on the petition departments and supervision the enterprise, initiative, concerted effort with change, five is a single solution to the problem is to solve the problem of the petition, and preach policy laws and regulations, regulate the behavior change. read more

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Sanjiang source water resources increased nearly 8 billion cubic meters over the past 10 years

9 month 9 days, reporters from the Qinghai province Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction office was informed that since the province started to implement the two phase of the project a project, Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction, the provincial government to seriously implement the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee and State Council, to strengthen the Sanjiang source of ecological protection work comprehensively. According to the latest assessment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sanjiang source area ecosystem degradation trend has been initially curbed, ecosystem service has improved, the focus of ecological construction projects ecological situation improved significantly. Water resources increased by nearly 8 billion cubic meters, equivalent to an increase of 560 West Lake. Tibetan antelope number from the 80s of last century, less than 20 thousand to return to the present only more than 70 thousand. read more

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Small and micro enterprises enjoy preferential tax policies

it is understood that the Xining City West District local taxation departments through a variety of ways to make clear the law of taxpayers, taxpayers use of preferential policies and enjoy from vague to clear, greatly expanded the west area of Small and micro businesses to enjoy the benefit of preferential tax policies. According to statistics, as of December 26th this year, a total area of 1156 Small and micro businesses successfully record, record sales taxes amounted to 5 million 400 thousand yuan, and to achieve full relief, create a relaxed environment for the healthy development of Small and micro businesses, help Small and micro businesses’ predicament. read more

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The twelve session of the provincial people’s Congress held its four meeting of the presidium of the

1 27 morning, the provincial people’s Congress held its four meeting of the twelve session of the fourth meeting.


meeting shall consist of 61 members of the presidium, up to 56, in line with the quorum.

Luo Huining, Wang Jianjun, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on, and so on,, and so on, and so on, and so on,, Mu Dongsheng, and so on, and so on,, and so on, and so on.

Ma Wei presided over the meeting.

agenda three:

first, listen to the report of the delegation to prepare for the nomination of candidates; read more

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Shunyi District Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of Xining city to visit the north of

July 25th, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of Shunyi District Wu Jianguo line to the north area of Xining city investigation, how to embody the concept of refinement in the work of the NPC Standing Committee for the exchange, the two related personnel to participate in the symposium.

forum, North District introduced the situation of economic and social development and the north area of, around the supervision work and representative work, self construction, improve the quality of the Standing Committee are introduced. In recent years, the North District four team to unite and lead the diligent and wise people of North ningxinjuli, overcome difficulties, intensify reform, accelerate the pace of construction, to maintain social harmony and stability, strengthen the industrial base, promoting the construction of modern urban agriculture, improve market service level, efforts to improve the urban and rural areas and the environment, to achieve a new leap in economic society the development of the. District People’s Congress Standing Committee closely around the region’s overall development, strengthen supervision, exploration and innovation, faithfully fulfill the powers conferred by the Constitution and laws, and make positive contribution to promote the north of democracy and legal system construction and economic and social development. read more

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The National Day holiday to see in Beishan cenglinjinran view splashing water is like jade beads

National Day holiday is coming, a lot of friends in the circle of friends, said: choose to go on holiday travel is either in the scenic view of the sea, or blocking the road to see the sea". Of course, not so bad, just more than and 100 kilometers from Xining in Beishan had become a forest, a variety of colors, colorful waters, a natural waterfall splashing water is like jade beads, "big oxygen bar" is there waiting for the people living in the city to refresh and release the soul.

  read more

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Xining actively meet the national civilized city index index

8 in late April, the central civilization office will carry out the evaluation of public civilization index in Xining and the evaluation of minors’ Ideological and moral construction. As the first World War, to create a national civilized city in August 7th, Xining city held a meeting of the deployment of the whole city to act quickly, enter the check state of war, to meet high standards of evaluation.

for the field investigation, Xining, a total of more than and 590 points to determine the country as a spot checks. From the urgent improvement of infrastructure, focused on solving the city infrastructure, public facilities, environmental sanitation, environmental protection problems; from the strengthening of public order rectification, the key to solve the existing traffic order, market order, public order problems; prominent social and cultural environment, focus on the existence of the Internet, Internet cafes, entertainment, school the surrounding issues and other aspects of a "real", and then seize and prepare Ying seized ready to work down. read more

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To choose fast food jugged boiling

China since the reform and opening up after the implementation of the market economic system, the western industrial revolution, which has been applied to the reform of Chinese society. The pace of people’s living is speeding up, and the demand for fast food is becoming more and more obvious. That’s one of the reasons why the restaurant industry is so big. See here, do you want to join a fast-food restaurant? For you recommend jugged boiling fast! Jugged boiling fast food, so that consumers can eat more healthy, so the store often full read more

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Public hospitals to support community health services

in our province to further increase the city public hospitals to support community health services, to further expand the scope of targeted aid, in large and medium-sized hospitals, professional public health service organization of medical personnel, public health service staff regularly to the community health service centers to provide technical guidance and teaching, to accept the community health service personnel training, to help the recipient the community health service institutions to improve service level, effectively play the "health gatekeeper" services, speed up the establishment of the first primary diagnosis, two-way referral mechanism. This reporter learned from the provincial health and family planning commission.

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Western workers courageous positive energy transfer

Recently, the West District Construction Bureau staff Pang Rui, Song Tao, Ma Jin received side write "courageous, contemporary Lei Feng" banner.

things over the past month, the victim has been looking for help three well intentioned people catch the robber, after making inquiries, finally found their work units, and making a banner to the West District Construction Bureau, said to their thanks.
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