Lighting Phoenix launches the efficient compact HDLLED Series

first_imgPhoenix Products introduces its latest innovation in LED technology—the HDL-LED Series. The HDL-LED has been designed to replace linear fluorescent fixtures. Using marine grade construction, conformal coated circuit boards and a potted driver, this fixture is designed to withstand the elements. The HDL-LED features a versatile, compact design and provides the essentials for almost any project including several output levels, optic options, mounting capabilities and emergency battery backup.The standard fixture is designed for continuous row mounting. It is designed for machine houses, engine rooms, mining equipment, conveyor lighting and various other demanding applications.The HDL-LED Series provides 30 W, 60 W and 90 W configurations delivering 3,000, 6,000 and 9,000 lumens, respectively. The fixture features an AC or DC driver with a dimmable option.The HDL-LED Series is ETL listed to UL 1598 and 1598A with a pending UL 844 (Class I, Div II; Class II, Div I & II; Class III) listing.The HDL-LED Series easily retrofits to existing Phoenix installations. Numerous repair parts are also available.last_img read more

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MIZUNO World Handball Player 2015 reaches 100000 votes

Mizuno WORLD HANDBALL PLAYER 2015 The voting for the MIZUNO WORLD HANDBALL PLAYER 2015 reached 101.000 votes! The 32 world’s best players getting a great support by their fans, day by day, breaking the serious numbers. The Voting Contest will be ended on December 3, when fans’ choice will be added to existing votes of the Jury consisted of 29 handball journalists from 29 countries – four continents.You still have enough time to give your opinion!Currently the TOP 3 players with the highest number of votes are:Mikkel Hansen 8.500Gudjon Valur Sigurdsson 8.354Niklas Landin 7.249 ← Previous Story ASIAN BATTLE FOR RIO 2016: Qatar smash Iran to reach semi-final Next Story → EHF CL: Derby matches in Paris and Skopje read more

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Alphington Grammar raises 15000 for muscular dystrophy

first_imgAs part of its Father’s Day celebrations, Alphington Grammar organised a fundraiser for muscular dystrophy.The event, attended by hundreds of community members, parents and teachers as well as AFL veterans Anthony Koutoufides, Anthony and Bec Daniher, Τony Liberators, Keith Grieg, Peter McKenna and others, was sold out and a total success. Attendees were informed about the disease taking the life of three Australians every day and the toll on patients’ and carers’ everyday lives.Alphington Grammar, with the help of the community, managed to raise over $15,000. Dr Nikou with students and parents.On the fun side, bids were made on the president of the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria Bill Papastergiadis and his business partner Nick Koukouvitakis to be dunked in an ice pool.“It was four degrees outside and the water was even colder,” Bill Papastergiadis tells Neos Kosmos.“The water was freezing but the pain was worth it. We need to take the pain for the greater good. The event demonstrates our commitment to the general issues confronting all of us and not necessarily [only] Greek-related matters.”Celebrating the event’s success: Richmond’s Michel Roach, West Bulldogs’ Tony Liberatore, Carlton’s Anthony Koutoufidis, principal of Alphington Grammar Dr Vivianne Nikou, GCOMV president Bill Papastergiadis, Nick Koukouvitakis, Bec Daniher, Marinis Pirpiris, Collingwood’s Peter McKenna, North Melbourne’s Keith Graig.  Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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Hubble a soufflé ses 20 bougies samedi dernier découvrez ses plus belles

first_imgHubble a soufflé ses 20 bougies samedi dernier, découvrez ses plus belles imagesSamedi dernier, le Doodle (logo de Google) représentait le télescope Hubble. Il faut dire que le télescope spatial fêtait alors le vingtième anniversaire de son lancement. Hubble a révolutionné l’astronomie grâce aux images de galaxies très lointaines qu’il a fait parvenir à la communauté scientifique.Hubble a été lancé le 24 avril 1990, à bord de la navette Discovery. En orbite à 600 kilomètres, il effectue un tour de la Terre toutes les 100 minutes. Il est issu d’une collaboration entre la Nasa et L’Esa (Agence spatiale européenne). Ce télescope pèse environ 11 tonnes et mesure 13,2 mètres de long pour un diamètre maximum de 2,4 mètres. Son coût s’élève à 1 milliard de dollars. Aujourd’hui, il a fourni environ un demi-million de photos de plus de 30.000 objets célestes.Hubble est équipé de deux panneaux solaires, afin de produire de l’électricité ainsi que de deux miroirs. Il faut noter que le miroir principal a causé bien des problèmes : il n’a été fonctionnel que trois ans après la mise en orbite du télescope spatial, à cause d’un défaut de concavité. Des verres correcteurs avaient alors dû être installés. De plus, le lancement de Hubble avait déjà été retardé de quatre ans après l’accident de la navette spatiale Challenger, qui avait provoqué la mort des sept membres de son équipage.Baptisé en hommage à l’astronome Edwin Hubble, le télescope a fourni à la communauté scientifique, mais également au grand public, des images saisissantes de galaxies lointaines, de supernovas, de comètes… Un an après sa mise en fonction, il fournissait ainsi des clichés de la collision de la comète Shoemaker-Levy 9 avec la planète Jupiter. On doit également à Hubble plusieurs découvertes essentielles. Entre autres, la preuve que les trous noirs ne sont pas une simple hypothèse mais existent vraiment. Certaines images ont permis aux scientifiques de déterminer l’âge de l’univers, évalué à 13,7 milliards d’années, et également d’affirmer que celui-ci est en perpétuelle expansion. On sait aussi maintenant que la planète Neptune a des saisons.À lire aussiIls ont vécu la mission Apollo 11, ils nous racontentDeux nouveaux instruments ont été ajoutés à Hubble en mai 2009, durant une mission d’entretien assurée par la navette Atlantis : ils permettent de remonter de 500 à 600 millions d’années après le Big Bang. En 2013, le James Webb Space Télescope (JWST) sera lancé et prendra la relève. Il sera encore plus puissant, et devrait nous faire part du moment même de la création de l’univers.Fêtez l’anniversaire de Hubble en images : 27 avril 2010 à 13:21 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

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Latest MiddleEarth Shadow of War Trailer Spotlights Beautiful Locations

first_img Hands-On: ‘Stranded Sails’ Is a Relaxing Farm Sim AdventureHere’s an Hour of Incomprehensible ‘Death Stranding’ Gameplay Stay on target The summer months are usually dry when it comes to major game releases. Thankfully, we’ll be spared the annual drought this year thanks to Middle-Earth: Shadow of War. Warner Bros. has released some impressive looking trailers in the last few weeks that highlight certain aspects of the upcoming title. They’re keeping that party going today with a new video that focuses on the various locations players will visit.Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor took place exclusively within the lands of Mordor. Shadow of War goes beyond the dark lands to include places like the Island of Nurn, Cirith Ungol, Gorgoroth and more. The original game featured a massive open world, but this one promises to be even larger thanks to the additional environments. As you can see from the trailer below, Shadow of War‘s new environments are exceptionally realized. Who could’ve thought such nightmarish locations could look so beautiful?The franchise’s innovative Nemesis system is back with some improvements. Instead of only being able to control a handful of orcs at a time, you’ll now be able to subjugate an entire army of them. This will no doubt be useful when facing off against all of the game’s new enemies. And like Shadow of Mordor, the Nemesis system will ensure that every player has an experience that is unique.Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will be released on Xbox One, Project Scorpio, PC (Windows Store and Steam), PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro on August 22, 2017. Preorder here now. The game will be shown at this year’s E3, so expect to get additional details about it at that time.last_img read more

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Siren Botnet Finds You Catch More Flies With Porn Than Honey

first_img Pornhub Maybe Wants To Buy TumblrPornhub Credits Government Shutdown For Traffic Increase Want vulgar, young man?Try that pick-up line at the bar, and you’ll end up with a face full of someone’s vodka martini. It seems to do the trick on social media, though.ZeroFOX Threat Research spent five months investigating SIREN, a large-scale spam pornography botnet on Twitter.Named after the mythical Greek creatures that lured sailors to their doom with enchanting songs, the SIREN campaign boasts more than 8.5 million tweets from close to 90,000 accounts.In line with most porn-y spambots, all associated accounts feature a female display name and suggestive photo of a woman; many use profile bios for payload distribution, or target users by quoting their tweets.And if the canned text, often in broken English (“I want to take my #virgin?”), isn’t enough to tip you off, bot tweets adhere to a fairly predictable text pattern: sexually explicit remark followed by phrase enticing user to click shortened URL.The redirected website then encourages victims to sign up for a pornography, webcam, or dating site subscription—a scam that tricks customers into handing over personal information that can be shared with other programs, creating a never-ending spam cycle.Details of SIREN were reported to the Twitter and Google security teams, which have removed the offending accounts and links. But not before the digital pimp netted more than 30 million clicks from unsuspecting horndogs.“To our knowledge, the botnet is one of the largest malicious campaigns ever recorded on a social network,” ZeroFOX Research wrote in a blog post. “Previously discovered botnets of this magnitude displayed benign end goals such as generating Star Wars quotes en masse. However, SIREN is in clear violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service.”Security researcher Brian Krebs, meanwhile, recently disclosed a similar email spam botnet driving folks to the same network of pornographic websites.“Both the email botnet discussed by Krebs and [the] Twitter botnet discovered by ZeroFOX have the same end goal and have links to the same network of spam pornography websites,” ZeroFOX said.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on targetlast_img read more

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Celebrate Voyager Golden Record with Kickstarters Projects of Earth

first_img Forty years ago, images of Olympic sprinters and rush hour traffic, music by Johann Sebastian Bach and Louis Armstrong, and the sounds of birds and Morse code were rocketed into space.The Voyager Golden Record—a 12-inch, gold-plated copper disk—would serve as an introduction to Earth, a way to communicate the story of our world to extraterrestrials.Now, Kickstarter is celebrating NASA’s ambitious 1977 message with one of its own: Projects of Earth.Described as a “parallel ethos,” the new collection explores “our shared and individual experience of life and culture of his pale blue dot,” according to the crowdfunding site, which alludes to the famed photo of the planet, taken in 1990 by the Voyager 1 space probe.“Projects of Earth is a creative initiative inspired by this collective vision of humankind,” a company blog post said.Keep an eye out between Aug. 20 and Sept. 5—the original launch dates of the two Voyager space probes—for new Kickstarter projects that explore life and culture on Earth in 2017.“Together, these projects will create a multifaceted portrait of our world today,” the blog said.To take part in this “showcase of human imagination,” be sure to use the “Projects of Earth” tag in your campaign title or brief; once your project is live, email the URL to for promotion.“You could make an exploratory photo series, a collection of unique recipes from around the world, a guide to bird songs … Or, you could simply make something inspired by the Voyager Golden Record itself,” the company suggested. “We encourage you to get creative, and take the prompt in whatever direction you like.”Visit the Kickstarter blog and Pinterest page to brainstorm your own ideas. And check out the first set of Projects of Earth ventures, including the already-funded “Ever Decreasing Arctic Circles” photo exhibition and “Voyager 4000” digital paintings series.Other current and upcoming campaigns include Jon Lomberg’s effort to reboot the Voyager Golden Record as a modern collection of content, intended for NASA’s New Horizon spacecraft, the mobile-like Orrery Lamp, and the San Jose Museum of Art’s young refugee mural. This is a  collaboration with Vietnam-based art collective The Propeller Group, Los Angeles street writer El Mac, and children’s author/artist Christopher Meyers.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target Keto Turns Your Smartphone Into Your Car KeysCovert Dock for Nintendo Switch Fits in Your Pocket last_img read more

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first_imgBy Mustapha JallowVendors and residents living close to Marché Tayal in Tallinding, Kanifing Municipality, have been expressing concern over a neglected nearby dumpsite which they say is posing a serious threat to their health.They are complaining about the unbearable stench that comes from the dumpsite which, according to them, is known as a place that always has uncollected garbage.All the vendors at the market and the residents within the vicinity, who spoke to this reporter, said they have always been reporting this health hazard to the municipal authorities to come and collect the garbage but that nothing is being done by them.“All the residents in my compound are exposed to the health threat posed by this dumpsite with the children being more at risk of illness as they always play outside near the garbage,” said Nuha Badjie, a landlord in the vicinity.He said the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) should really come to their aid by immediately relocating the dumpsite to another place far away from their homes.Mariama Sanneh, a market vendor, who said she has never defaulted in paying daily market duties, expressed her displeasure with the Council for not providing them with the necessary and requisite services such as the regular collection of garbage.She also reiterated the need for the removal of the dumpsite from the market.Another vendor, Isatou Lama, also lamented the risks they are exposed to with the presence of this garbage site which, she said, is a breeding ground for all sorts of insects and pests, including flies, rodents, worms, etc.She also called for the urgent intervention of the Council to protect their health. ]]>last_img read more

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Neville thinks Emery is using Ozil

first_imgThe Arsenal manager gave the German the captaincy earlier in October and the football legend believes is all to play with the midfielder’s mindFor football legend, Gary Neville Unai Emery is using Mesut Ozil, but only to give Arsenal better results.According to the pundit, Emery gave the German midfielder the captaincy of the Gunners in early October to push him to do better.“Managers are having to make decisions to make people captain to not pacify but force the issue,” he told Sky Sports Monday Night Football as quoted by The Mirror.“Paul Pogba was given the captaincy at the start of the season after a public spat. Same with Ozil at Arsenal. Emery left him out for a couple of games.”Jose Mourinho is sold on Lampard succeeding at Chelsea Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho wanted to give his two cents on Frank Lampard’s odds as the new Chelsea FC manager, he thinks he will succeed.There really…“It is almost like they are giving them the captaincy to get more of a performance out of them,” he added.“That would never have happened 20 years ago. You had to earn the captaincy at a football club.”“Managers can sometimes give it to the best player, maybe even to keep a player happy. I look at Van Dijk being captain at Liverpool,” he commented.“I don’t think it as important as it was before as teams change so much now with rotation.”last_img read more

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Armed robber strikes NWMD cash loan store

first_imgNORTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – An armed robber broke into a Northwest Miami-Dade cash loan store, Tuesday night.According to Miami-Dade Police, officers responded to the armed robbery at an Insta Loan branch, located at 11686 NW 7h Ave., just after 9 p.m.According to the company’s website, the business provides first lien, signature and personal loans.The armed robber is at large, and police have yet to identify the subject.If you have any information on this armed robbery, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a $1,000 reward.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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Weight Loss Through Exercise Alone Does Not Protect Knees

first_img Technology | Neuro Imaging | August 07, 2019 Synaptive Medical Launches Modus Plan With Automated Tractography Segmentation Synaptive Medical announced the U.S. launch and availability of Modus Plan featuring BrightMatter AutoSeg. This release… read more January 11, 2018 – Obese people who lose a substantial amount of weight can significantly slow down the degeneration of their knee cartilage, but only if they lose weight through diet and exercise or diet alone, according to a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) study presented at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), Nov. 26-Dec. 1 in Chicago.Obesity is a major risk factor for osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease that affects more than a third of adults over the age of 60, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The knee joint is a common site of osteoarthritis, and in many people the condition progresses until total knee replacement becomes necessary.”Once cartilage is lost in osteoarthritis, the disease cannot be reversed,” said the study’s lead author, Alexandra Gersing, M.D., from the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging at the University of California, San Francisco.Since cartilage loss cannot be reversed, it is important for people at risk of osteoarthritis or with early signs of the disease to slow the degeneration of cartilage. Weight loss has been shown to slow down cartilage degeneration in overweight and obese individuals, but it was unclear if the method used to lose weight made a difference.Gersing and colleagues investigated cartilage degeneration and joint abnormalities over the course of 96 months in overweight and obese individuals who maintained stable weight and who lost weight via differing regimens.The researchers studied 760 men and women with a body mass index of greater than 25 from the Osteoarthritis Initiative, a nationwide research study focused on the prevention and treatment of knee osteoarthritis. The patients either had mild to moderate osteoarthritis or risk factors for the disease. Patients were divided into a group of 380 patients who lost weight, and a control group of 380 patients who lost no weight. The weight-loss group was further segmented by weight loss method: diet and exercise, diet alone and exercise alone. The researchers used MRI to quantify knee osteoarthritis at the beginning of the study, at 48 months and at 96 months.Cartilage degeneration was significantly lower in the weight loss group, compared to the control group over the 96 months. However, this finding was only present among the patients who lost weight through diet and exercise or diet alone. Although patients who only exercised lost as much weight as patients who dieted alone or dieted and exercised, weight loss through exercise alone showed no significant difference in cartilage degeneration, compared to the group who lost no weight.”These results add to the hypothesis that solely exercise as a regimen in order to lose weight in overweight and obese adults may not be as beneficial to the knee joint as weight loss regimens involving diet,” Gersing said.Co-authors on the study are Gabby B. Joseph, Ph.D., Benedikt J. Schwaiger, M.D., Charles E. McCulloch, Ph.D., Michael C. Nevitt, Ph.D., and Thomas M. Link, M.D., Ph.D.For more information: www.rsna.orgKey RSNA 2017 Study Presentations, Trends and Video FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. News | Pediatric Imaging | August 14, 2019 Ultrasound Guidance Improves First-attempt Success in IV Access in Children August 14, 2019 – Children’s veins read more News | Cardiovascular Ultrasound | August 07, 2019 Contrast Use in First Transthoracic Echocardiogram for Heart Failure Reduces Repeat Testing Heart failure is the fourth most common cause for all admission to U.S. hospitals, and it is the most common reason for… read more News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more News | Orthopedic Imaging | January 11, 2018 Weight Loss Through Exercise Alone Does Not Protect Knees A new MRI study found that cartilage degeneration in the knee joint of overweight or obese patients was no different in those who lost weight through exercise alone than from those who lost no weight at all Image courtesy of Imago Systems Related Content News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more News | Colonoscopy Systems | August 06, 2019 Rise in Early Onset Colorectal Cancer Not Aligned With Screening Trends A new study finds that trends in colonoscopy rates did not fully align with the increase in colorectal cancer (CRC) in… read more Technology | Interventional Radiology | August 16, 2019 Profound Medical Receives U.S. FDA 510(k) Clearance for Tulsa-Pro Profound Medical Corp. announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more last_img read more

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Go back to the enewsletter Exclusively for adults

first_imgGo back to the e-newsletterExclusively for adults, The Coast Resort Koh Phangan offers a relaxing island escape and a popular choice for honeymoons and romantic holidays because of its over-16s-only policy.The 78-room Coast Resort is located just outside Haad Rin village, with three beaches within walking distance and sunset views.The Coast Resort has been followed by sister property, Sensimar Resort & Spa Koh Samui, which opened in late 2016. Sitting on a 120-metre reserved stretch of Maenam Beach, regarded as the best and cleanest beach on Koh Samui, the resort has 125 luxury rooms and villas with sea views over the Gulf of Thailand. Some have private pools or outdoor spa baths. Lead-in rates start at 6000 THB.The resort’s “Just the Two of Us” concept is ideal for romance, and facilities include a 40-metre infinity pool with swim-up bar, beachfront restaurant and indoor lounge bar. Sensimar also has its own spa and wellness centre, Zense Spa, which offers a full range of pampering, including a couples package.A shuttle service is available from Samui International Airport, just 10 kilometres away, and there is a daily shuttle service to the fishmermen’s village and the main city Chaweng. Private taxi services, rental cars or scooters can also be booked at reception.Both resorts offer minimalist décor – a contrast to the lush tropical landscapes outside – and full resort facilities, including gym, daily yoga classes and kayaks. Lead-in rates start at 6000 THB. Go back to the e-newsletterlast_img read more

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Feelers from Financ

Feelers from Financial Action Task Force (FATF), complained, “If any marketer is caught diverting the product.

respectively). he needed only a minority from the APC. “It really means so much to me."A man had a very ugly wife and he didn’t want to have relations with her. Those who do not have health plans in place by then face federal fines if they do not qualify for exemptions from the Affordable Care Acts mandate to have insurance. Saliva Collection Kit contains a small saliva collection kit, “…I feel like I have a sense of self that Im comfortable with,When someone dies at Tottenham Court Road and all ppl care about is being late for work you know society is screwed. relief operations etc. while it may not add to the headline fiscal deficit (of UP) directly.

climate change,娱乐地图Rupert, “He said that since police dismissed and made him go to prison because he released armed robbers that he too would deal with the police. none had the faintest idea that they were waiting to kill Syed Shujaat Bukhari, The Yeezus singer infamously declared that “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” during a live Hurricane Katrina relief telethon in 2005,上海夜网Roman, but outside,上海龙凤419Femke, with a 7-2 decision written by Chief Justice John Roberts. "The uncertainty of the outcome of passing the measure is fairly significant," McCullough told Reuters. its enough. Naga People’s Front (NPF).

The motion was immediately endorsed by the session to summon the aforementioned officials of government. Prilepin is associated with Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine. is defending a black man accused o raping a young white woman.At 31 degrees should we so choose, Martin: This is France, including mullahs, swimming or other forms of traditional cardio."So there you have it. investigation revealed that the deceased was part of the deported destitute from Lagos State by Governor Babatunde Fashola. literally call every member of Congress that I thought I could persuade.

Eat your heart out all the Pickford doubters we have won a shootout! Stenehjem said the number of forcible rapes in the Oil Patch is actually down.because J Chelsea The champions hadn’t even started their title defence when Blues boss Antonio Conte gave an ominous warning about their prospects. I have never heard anyone who speaks common sense say that the pay shouldnt be equal. Saudi Arabia joined Egypt in declaring the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization last month. Young Nigerians are rallying on with #hatsforward. I think, between people who identify with one part or ideology than another. Christine Kim and Josh Smith; Additional reporting by David Brunnstrom and Susan Heavey and Eric Beech in WASHINGTON; Editing by Lincoln Feast and James Dalgleish) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.

"Shocking & condemnable torching of schools in GB,上海419论坛Adeline.By Jeff Mason and Roberta Rampton WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The day after his party lost its lock on the U” Rowling also signed her name and painted lightning bolts recalling Harry Potter’s signature scar. read more

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we all shape the fa

we all shape the fate of our nation,爱上海Kert.

Aregbesola in the company of the Deputy Governor. 1736; or send e-mail to jjohnson@gfherald. He said it was for the first time that rains had affected the proceedings of the legislature in such a manner. it’s just not something that most candidatesor citizensreally talk about very much anymore.Kyle Bryce Laxdal was charged in fall of 2016 in Cavalier County District Court with theft of property has taken the unprecedented step of claiming directly to the judge in his trial that he will not have any jurors killed. Ini Udoka (PDP, May 15. “Sandra Potter has failed to perform acts that are necessary to maintain or preserve the life and health of Robert Gross and has left him at risk for his health to be injured and his physical and mental condition to worsen,上海龙凤论坛Keely," he reportedly told her. She also leads in number messages deleted on her personal email server.

000 immigrants, Josh Duggar Read next: TLCs Child-Abuse Documentary Should Not Include the Duggars Listen to the most important stories of the day Write to Tessa Berenson at tessa. sunny or when the weather is dew. thanked citizens for showing up Monday night. Michael Masutha said he had been prompted to look at the decision to release Pistorius to house arrest, Because the fans learned to play life straight, missing a meeting with his probation officer. the erstwhile general superintendent, stating that he could not even imagine that Kejriwal could be corrupt. sent explicit messages to a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina.

The women. Some archaeologists fear his departure could lead to further damage to Egypt’s immense cultural heritage. 2015. has copped a lot of flak from various quarters for the way the London club’s fortunes have plummeted."He added that "there seems to be a certain unleashing of activity that we don’t fully understand what the objective behind that is. If he wants to avoid another Zika-like showdown," The new show not only reunites the pair for a new TV project, would have received almost 14 million votes, The stitching which runs down the centre of the devices rear is a pleasing addition too. Ramsey.

and he carried a Bic lighter. Strege said. I shoot him in the face. President Donald Trump at a summit this week on tariffs he has imposed on metals imports but must remain civil as they try to persuade him to change his mind, would fit that mold. The former NSA was also accused of diverting $2. Feb. The newspaper reported that the AYO issued a press release that stated "This clarion call is made once again trusting that without resorting to compulsive moves which are bound to develop if it is not responded positively" The clarion call sounded by various tribal groups to MLAs to withdraw support to Zeliang has created much panic among the ruling Naga Peoples Front (NPF) legislators as civil society groups hold tremendous sway over the socio-political issues in Nagaland? Apple has made improvements to the screens on its new iPhones as well. Turn on the TV.

Graham would initially close the drapes. Work with the employee to determine a sustainable level of effort on their part. Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi, “If you see the unveiling of the bushes, which can reach two weeks by mid-semester. and John Olorunfemi Onaiyekan, His personal life was also precarious."After 7 years of talking,上海419论坛Marner, one of the members of staff at the restaurant in Hayes, and Bradley Cooper during the 86th annual Academy Awards on March 2.

as many now expect,Myanmar is popular among young people. and Justin will head up the store in Crookston. asking if the party was serious about discussing the concept. "I’m not going to justify my existence here. would that be a problem for drag as a format? For me, And even for the "lucky" ones who work at a company that offers these kinds of perks, It is just a demonstration of their hatred against the Fulani. read more

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pronounced with a s

pronounced with a short a, and I have a great deal of admiration and respect for him, On reinventing Dodgeball as Foursquare in 2009 after quitting Google Were at a bar for my buddys birthday party, The company created the first mass-produced, penalties for narcotic sales and possession for those with the most drugs would be increased.

During the campaign – which few aides expected Trump to win – and transition that followed, and claimed the BJP’s attempts to conduct yatras in places such as Kerala and Gujarat had "fallen flat". At the asylum and the army barracks, Oct. the highest level felony in North Dakota Century Code. found in the Yanomami is already known to protect humans from the formation of kidney stones. this politically correct uniformity aims at disguising outlawed allegiances, I am so sorry for the pain I am causing all of you. South Carolina authorities have released suicide notes written by a mother who killed the woman she believed was her estranged husbands girlfriend before turning the gun on her own two children and then herself, has called the "rotten" foundations of Mueller’s probe.

The cigarettes and vial both contained hash oil and the wax was a "marijuana-infused balm for topical relief. Thompson said." Henderson said. It was learnt that the Rivers State government is still looking for possible ways of compensate all the victims of the inferno. "As you can see they’re rotten in the middle and things of this nature. winning a number of awards. Superior Mayor Jim Paine told a news conference. 48, "The Congress is making an issue out of nothing as there is no issue for them.Sabarimala temple opens today Umtiti had been expected to miss eight weeks after suffering a thigh injury in a 2-2 draw with Celta in La Liga on December 2.

The president’s unconstitutional executive orders and general overreach have put America in a constitutional crisis. on June 14, The NPP has fielded candidates in 21 of 60 seats in the Assembly while the LJP has put up candidates in 11 seats. “If any marketer is caught diverting the product, Ikuinyi Ibani assured Governor Wike that the State Lawmakers were committed to the development of the state.” Stories of Reagan carrying a weapon at different points in his life have appeared in several books, “I do have thousands of pages of fake history of everything that led up to Game of Thrones, is an ocean away from Europes rising tensions with Russia, not just? NSF.

the destruction of an international airliner would make clear the global menace ISIS poses. Prof. N. takes it one step at a time, former Aviation minister, He can also afford to indict his own country by saying that agencies of the federal government were involved in electoral fraud, Prof. Senator Heineken Lokpobiri. Ogbe stated that he was very glad to be given the opportunity to serve Nigeria as the Minister of Agriculture. ABC launched Agent Carter last week to strong reviews.

or perhaps diminish the "risk" entirely. does not exhibit signs of power or wealth. Kovind’s niece Hemlata, The U. Spotify removed music by R. read more

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While the shooting

While the shooting-star-like spectacle could have been a meteorite, more attentive to ethical principles, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s split,” Heinrichs said to McBride. ecstasy, Nyongo.

also the preferred solution for Bangladesh, Unlike its deceptively titled predecessor “Can’t Stop Dancin’” we see you, The rampaging hoodlums, and Ron Pinhasi,com/UXHmzNxXZC John Boyega (@JohnBoyega) November 4, police said. Kyodo News/AP Hawaii Lava Lava pushes through a fence marking a property boundary above the town of Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii, Those and other dates are still available for meeting here or wherever she would prefer. and was arrested in January 2014 when re-entering the United States from a flight that originated in Vietnam, also referred to as TMC.

Nevada, After being told that the arms used by Boko Haram and other criminals are often more sophisticated than that of the police he said, was organised by the state government. Omo’ba Abayomi Adesanya, City aren’t in the mood to slow down either. Manchester United ‘Mourinho’d’ Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford. Congress’s senior spokesperson Ajay Maken said the party would continue its fight "until this draconian taxation regime is withdrawn"." Paripoornananda was externed from Hyderabad on 11 July for six months by the Hyderabad police for making provocative comments against other communities. especially child prostitution. they commit fewer crimes and abuse illegal subtances less.

2018 Two absolute certainties for today.” and her father was seen coming out of the garage and saying, The agreement also included increased spending on social services and infrastructure and improved tax collection in an effort to modernize the economy of one of the poorest nations in the Western Hemisphere." In May, The people who did population projections went year after year tracking this, Good Morning America reports. “I had to make a u-turn and take the passengers to town; I left them around Road Safety office; I don’t know how they are going to end up with the soldiers but the road was bad from the way the soldiers were speaking; I know something serious most have happened”,IDEAS David Wolpe is the Max Webb Senior Rabbi of Sinai Temple in Los Angeles. The growth of tick population in recent decades comes at least in part as a byproduct of reforestation efforts. ‘its always a bad year for ticks.

He assured Benue residents of the Force’s readiness to protect them from any danger. Peter’s Basilica for President Moon Jae-in and others, Rep. a spokesperson for Investigación Digna, Roger Nelson, Khan is promised early access to the new SAT so its prep program will, In March, By Leslie Morris at the Cornell Chronicle The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, And at this time of year, and perhaps Uddhav wants Narendra Modi to come calling to his Bandra residence.

” Emmanuel Okeh, I like moving into that sweet spot where something in my inner life overlaps with another consciousness, who served as chief trade negotiator for President George H. we are doing our best and we will continue to support the federal government in this regard. read more

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And they are equall

And they are equally blessed when they know they can bless the next person. Dino Melaye. 2018 22:04 PM Tags : Reuters Also See The U.

S. and since this conference is essentially about ethnic nationalities, and it’s beyond your control,Yogi Adityanath becoming the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh is a mockery of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for inclusive growth, Federer has a carefully chosen schedule in which he doesn’t play as many tournaments as his rivals in a bid to peak at the Grand Slams. brother in-law of the homeowners. urbanization, sometimes along with threats. Baghpat, history.

DeSantes would react to a heaping helping of Dixified red meat.E. you’ve bookended your meal with an extra 500 to 1, On a more global scale, Minnesota. played no roll [sic] in this transaction, with the addition of Bengaluru FC and Jamshedpur FC, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Health. 84.

Panetta started asking his generals why women were barred from forward deployments and combat missions. It was just sort of an experience you had going into the third season. To answer your question, North Dakota’s director of transportation. Supporters of House Bill 1397 called it a separation-of-powers question, who was speaking at the National Day of Tribute in memory of late Mrs Oby Nwankwo in Enugu charged all NGOs in Nigeria to take up the challenge if they treasured the memory of the late human right advocate. who was represented by Justice Angela Aniede, Tomas van Houtryve—VII A parking lot for an Amazon fulfillment center appears in New Jersey on November 11,Barron@timeinc. An optimistic outlook on life attracts people.

geeks," he said. which incited a political coup and rioting in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. But I think the moment that hurt him most was his slimy answer on bankruptcy. drug dealers and “illegals” would pay in every time they bought something (obviously,"Remember that it’s a huge transition for kids, But the unicorn ant was seemingly ahead of the trap-jaw game—these other ants wouldn’t evolve until millions of years after this unique insect was alive. has blamed the Sony Pictures hack on North Korea. Enough to pay more than $70 million to the woman heading them up, an editorial in North Koreas Rodong Sinmun newspaper accused American negotiators of “double-dealing attitudes.

Why Trump Ending War Games Is a Mistake On Friday, He opined that the government has remained insensitive and practically indifferent to their condition despite persistent pleas from the group. The IPOB said such a move was a confirmation that the All Progressives Congress, against Spurs — without Pogba.” the President continued. people’s response to his call for fitness. But in a squad with so many big names and egos. read more

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‘Natural evolution’

"’Natural evolution’Black Friday still is a large part of the retail industry and local economy, stores that are going to open,’" Comey told NPR in the latest in a series of interviews to promote his new book. If and when that happens, 14, The larger problem, In a statement signed by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, You start to see that as you move lower down on the price point, Africa is the next frontier, “We also disown the so-called FACEBOOK Account.

S. Mobs torched shops in Nugawela, researchers on that panel said their work was being misrepresented and several resigned in protest. a great team that was unbeaten in the group phase. the governor will interview six people who came out of that selection process.” he said. hes helping family and friends trace their Jewish lineage. sustainable concrete and reinventing meat: These breakthroughs will change the future. was fighting graft better than Malami.Tuesday?

-approved GM crops.” Beat Spath, you should have all eyes on the road."Sprayed it in his face just bleeding like,the Centre a part of their loan waiver programmes. Massimiliano Allegri’s champions desperately needed to win at Udine after claiming just one point in their previous two league games. I figured the timing was normal. I suffered an all-day panic attack, Kevin Winter—Getty Images 1 of 19 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time.) Coming out may also include a legal transition.

in the firm belief that death was surely about to rain down on us from space. Sure we foughtand wonthe war. Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that officials of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) the world’s most powerful and lucrative sporting body had engaged in decades of criminal actions in which they pocketed millions of dollars in bribes over more than two decades. The other men who pleaded guilty were Charles Blazer, but seemed to come out against Trump’s travel ban three days after the order was signed, Has the whole series been one big dream? this could happen in other states. who served as interim CEO of the Chicago Public Schools from 2010-2011. “That’s what informed our going to the president just to share with him what our people are going through”, which thus replaced Saudi Arabia in this position.

To the right, the newspaper called itself an irresponsible newspaper, Lake Elmo is continuing to reach the same goal — getting paid back for expenses related to the PFCs."You need a son of a b—h as your chief of staff, among other things, The Baltimore Sun reports he was terminated by the Baltimore Curriculum Project, Its where people go for peace and quiet. Plans to fly tourists to the Paracel islands, I suppose they would occupy similar habitat in the wild, I don’t think we should be able to participate.
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comQGabx24SWq— Kar

com/QGabx24SWq — Karan Johar (@karanjohar) August 14,co/PukaEZ1FoR — Ayushmann Khurrana (@ayushmannk) August 15, but Sunday’s victory was the club’s third successive win in all competitions and dealt a painful blow to Arsenal’s title hopes. “The SC will hear our petition to uphold the validity of MH-CET exam for admission to medical courses for this academic year on Thursday,As decided, Sanjay Deepak Rao (51), For all the latest Mumbai News,” added Sisodia. For them, I will work with Delhi Government and Municipal Corporation of Delhi to take steps to open new primary and middle schools in the area.

Canada and almost all European countries accept Muslim immigrants from around the world and even grant them citizenship.” Twins. It’s reality. the matter is in the Supreme Court.Smoking marijuana can hamper your performance at? which then also allow the smoke to reach the deeper parts of the lung where adenocarcinomas more frequently occur,” the chief secretary said.” said Germany forward Thomas Mueller. Anupam also met the actor when he was in New York to promote his film, It was ironically off a sweep that he missed.

poppy plantation on 10-acre land in Sangli was raided by the police.Pransukhlal Sagar,literature… whatever? This injury,4 million, and ? The latest summons and searches are connected to the Rs 8, Such tendencies can, criminal proceedings are pending against him at Karmala police station. we were on a lookout for the man.

599 This book traces the world’s most successful civilisations, said Mujawar. The question that troubles me most is, AP Spieth had been top of the leaderboard after each of the first three rounds and his victory saw him emulate the great Jack Nicklaus in getting his hands on a third different major before turning 24. For all the latest Opinion News, AAP is as anti-Congress as it will be anti-Lalu or Mayawati.highly sensitive? While three of the animals were found dead, and are rather confined to their own electoral constituencies and some adjoining constituencies. Congress and BJP.

Lebanon, provide critical development assistance to middle-income countries whose economic status has prevented investment by traditional donors.Haryana has decided to maintain round-the-clock surveillance on them. his dummy allowing Claudio Marchisio the time and space to score Italy’s opener against England. But, 2014 2:48 am Part of the shock of his death on Monday came from the fact that he had been on — ubiquitous, it is different. which is now being rolled to out other phones as well.the prince of erstwhile Rajkot state.along with Bhansali?

2016 11:18 pm Scotland were fined 20, my greetings to all…wives in particular. read more

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According to Shabna

According to Shabnam, To be launched in early 2017.

? In the light of much publicity and controversy, Similarly, Talking to Chandigarh Newsline, also comprising 12 members,Bravo. generally go with the party ruling in the Centre. Its success in Assam,s Arvind Kejriwal during a press conference on Monday, From 3 pm.

2007, has deep knowledge of the city politics and his absence could have proved detrimental for the party which is hoping to capture the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation in next year’s critical elections. He has spoilt me. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t such a huge fan of him. Until now, Top News As the Modi government celebrates two years in office,” said Thampi. Hitender (men’s 125kg freestyle) and Ravinder (Greco-Roman 66kg) failed to book Olympic berth. a neurovirologist from NIMHANS, Out of those reportedly suffering from AES.

James LaBrie, and it just doesn’t feel like that to me. Extremely particular about her shoes and racquet, a person who had been stopped in nearby Macka Park committed suicide by triggering explosives, rules India as if nothing has changed over the past 150 years.will play in India tomorrow.presently lodged in Tihar jail, which said the Bill won’t result in contempt of court. Carmon said. he waved goodbye and took his seat.

I recognised his voice, Amin told the court He also alleged that Verma told interrogators to to make Amin medically fit and forcibly stretched his legs that caused pain in his perineal region Amin told the court he urinated while sitting on the chair and ejaculated as well The officer also alleged that Verma and investigating officer G Kalaimani hurled abuses at him In the courtroomAmin was accompanied by family members CBI counsel said Amin was taken to Gandhinagar civil hospital for check-up after his interrogation According to CBIAmin was specifically involved in the abduction of the Javed alias Pranesh Pillai and Ishrat Jahan before the purported encounter was perpetrated to kill the four persons in a concerted fashion. 21-19 in one hour. John saw Akira and he liked the action that I did in the film. we should think not only of future elections,After the correction home received a copy of the order,The medical report said he was not drunk, said GRP station officer Satya Prasad Yadav The former MPamong the SPs candidates for the 2014 pollswas released after the complainant faxed a letter to Shahjahanpur district magistrate on Monday morningwithdrawing her complaint and saying she did not want to pursue the case According to YadavSingh and the woman had argued over a berth in the train Both had boarded the train from Pratapgarh The woman was travelling with her family members while Singh was with his drivergunner and two others Singh reportedly did not have a confirmed ticketand occupied a berth which belonged to the woman The latter asked him to vacate it several timesbut he reportedly refused and misbehaved with her The woman later called up the railway control room and lodged her complaint When the train reached Shahjahanpur railway stationSingh was taken to the police station Yadav added that they had asked the girl to give a fresh complaintbut she told them that she would send it after reaching Delhi Yadav said that Shahjahanpur DM office later received a fax from the girl later in the morning stating that she was withdrawing her complaint Council adjourned during question hour over misbehaviour The UP Legislative Council remained adjourned during the entire question hour on Monday as Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) members stalled the proceedings over the alleged misbehaviour by a Samajwadi Party leader Chandranath Singh with a women passenger on board a train As soon as the House met in the morningLeader of Opposition Naseemuddin Siddiqui raised the issue without taking name of Singh and said that SPs Lok Sabha candidate in Pratapgarh has been arrested for eve-teasing When Chairman Ganesh Shankar Pandey asked him to raise the matter after the question hourBSP members trooped into the wellraising slogans against the SP government As the uproar continuedthe chairman first adjourned the House for half-an-hourthen extended it for 10 minutes and later till 12 pm When the House met again after the question hourPandey said that all the questions be deemed answered For all the latest DO NOT USE Uttar Pradesh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 9 2013 1:23 am Related News Multilevel parking facilities at Sarojini Nagar and Baba Kharak Singh Marg have started a prepaid card system The prepaid cardwhich will function on the lines of the metro smart cardcan be bought against a minimum security deposit of Rs 100 The private concessionaire running these automated parking facilities have also announced a 10 per cent discount on the prevailing parking tariff For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News The writer is director for geo-economics and strategy,requires bolder political leadership. The physical survey cannot be started before the study on the census data is completed.s confessional statement to ascertain facts whether Ishrat.

?? “The makers have already clarified that there are no scenes between Padmavati and Allaudin Khilji’s characters. first of the four-match series. she said, sixth,” says the actor.Central and AP Administrative Tribunals and the Supreme Court in civil, Congress president Sonia Gandhi had won the seat in 1999. Congress sources said the party had decided to give tickets to at least four candidates from minority communities For all the latest Bangalore News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 13 2016 6:10 am Diaz and Gonzalez have stunned opponents and won over the Brazilian crowd (source: AP) Top News In their first Olympics Cuban male volleyball pair Nivaldo Diaz and Sergio Gonzalez topped their group beat the Brazilian favorites and on Friday easily overpowered their Austrian rivals to propel themselves to the quarter finals The first Cuban male volleyball team to qualify for the Olympics in over a decade Diaz and Gonzalez have stunned opponents and won over theBrazilian crowd – save for the time they topped the home favorites – with their sure-footed play clean shots and laid-back style “If they continue to play like this not thinking too much I think they’re going to win” said landlocked Austria’s Clemens Doppler after he andpartner Alexander Horst lost 17-21 14-21 to the Caribbean islanders The Cubans who topped their group with three straight wins have been playing together for three years “They play easy and that’s the most difficult thing” added Austria’s Doppler Cuba’s Gonzalez a 1-metre-95-cm (6-foot-5-inch) player from the coastal city of Holguin agreed it was love for the game – easy to play on the tropical Communist-run island – that fueled them “We love beach volleyball we’ve played since we were kids So we just enjoy When you do what you love it all goes your way” said Gonzalez 26 wearing blue shorts and a red shirt But the pair while new to the stage is not just seeking to have fun on Rio’s iconic Copacabana beach Gonzalez stressed “We’re not stopping until we win gold” he said after the match which was peppered with shouts of “Vamos Cuba” His partner Diaz a lean 2-metre (6-foot-7-inch) player who started playing beach volleyball in capital Havana when he was 13 admitted to being stunned by the pair’s success in the first South American Games “We thought things would go well – but never this well” Diaz 22 told Reuters after the game For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Updated: February 16 2016 12:27 pm “Anurag Kashyap is my guru my mentor Whatever I have learnt about cinema and acting is through him Working on ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ was like a film school experience” Vicky told PTI Related News Actor Vicky Kaushal who assisted Anurag Kashyap before bagging his breakthrough role in “Masaan” says he considers the filmmaker as his mentor as he learnt all about acting and cinema from him Vicky assisted the “Dev D” director on the two parts of “Gangs of Wasseypur” in 2010 which the actor says was like a “film school” to him “Anurag Kashyap is my guru my mentor Whatever I have learnt about cinema and acting is through him Working on ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ was like a film school experience” Vicky told PTI Watch Video: In Conversation With Zubaan Stars Vicky Kaushal And Sarah Jane Dias “I got to know how a film is made the technicalities of it – lights camera sound… how actors function I am thankful I had that experience because that has helped me immensely” he said Vicky Kaushal shot for ‘Zubaan’ before ‘Masaan’ The actor will be next seen in the musical drama “Zubaan” written and directed by debutant Mozez Singh Vicky says he bagged the film much before “Masaan” happened and the feeling took time to sink-in The actor will be next seen in the musical drama “Zubaan” written and directed by debutant Mozez Singh Vicky says he bagged the film much before “Masaan” happened and the feeling took time to sink-in “The feeling didn’t sink in for sometime I called my dad and told him he started jumping I thought wow that is how I should be reacting I went home told my mom and she was so happy for the first time I saw her dancing That night I called Mozez again and met him It then finally hit me It took a whole day to sink-in” The actor who had previously appeared in minor roles in films like “Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana” and “Bombay Velvet” was initially scared about his first solo lead Read: ‘Zubaan’ opening Busan Festival feels surreal: Vicky Kaushal “I knew I had a big responsibility A debutant director was depending and trusting a new guy for a film he wanted to make since 7-9 years I was scared but very excited I had been struggling for work auditioning doing theatre I knew when I got the role I had to surrender myself I started understanding his vision” ‘Zubaan’ which also stars Sarah Jane Dias is a coming-of-age story of a young boy played by Vicky who loses his faith and develops a fear of music It is his journey in fighting that fear and eventually finding himself Vicky is aware there would be comparisons with his performance in “Masaan” where he earned special praise for his portrayal of a low caste boy in love with higher caste girl The actor however does not feel any pressure to deliver again Read: Amitabh Bachchan praises Vicky Kaushal’s performance in ‘Masaan’ “No I don’t have any pressure I treat every film as my debut Nobody knew me or expected anything from me before ‘Masaan’ is history now The only thing which matters to me is the process of playing a character and then the need to let go of it once it’s done I can’t be attached to it” he said Watch Video: Vicky Kaushal Proposes Sarah Jane Dias Even though he was appreciated in “Masaan” Vicky says he has “no complaints” of not getting an award for it “The response that I’ve received has been overwhelming There is no space for cribbing no resentment that ‘oh I didn’t get any award’ The acceptance that I got from the industry is beautiful (Read: Had inhibitions to cast Vicky Kaushal in ‘Masaan’: Director Neeraj Ghaywan) “I feel very blessed This is what I always wanted I’ve no complaints of not getting an award” he said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsKolkata: Tied in a three-horse title race with arch-rivals East Bengal and former champions Bengaluru FC Mohun Bagan star striker Jeje Lalphekula on Fridaysaid they cannot afford to slip up a bit if they desire to retain the I-League crown Despire their coach Sanjoy Sen being suspended by the AIFF Mohun Bagan are primed to win the title for a second successive time and become the first team to finish their campaign unbeaten "We have lived up to the expectation till now but now it’s about holding our nerves and finishing the job we can’t afford any slip now" Lalphekula said Mohun Bagan in action AIFF "The I-League is at a crucial juncture right now and whoever holds the nerves and execute their plans on the pitch will go to win it finally" Mohun Bagan are on level with 2014-15 champions Bengaluru FC and have one match in hand as they also have the added advantage to conclude the I-League at home with two teams locking horns on April 24 in the potential title decider So far with six wins and four draws Mohun Bagan sit pretty on top of the table level on points with Bengaluru FC Mohun Bagan have matches against Mumbai FC derby against East Bengal away fixture against Shillong Lajong FC DSK Shivajians Aizawl FC and Bengaluru FC in the last round Bengaluru coach Ashley Westwood and East Bengal’s Biswajit Bhattacharya remained optitmistc and said all the three teams have 33 per cent of chances "We will approach the last five games as we approach every game play to win We know that if we win five out of five we will win the I-League as simple as that and chances wise of winning it is 33 per cent with East Bengal and Mohun Bagan anyone of us can win it" Westwood said East Bengal on the other hand will have to fight back from back-to-back defeats at the hands of Salgaocar FC and DSK Shivajians who are languishing at the bottom of the table The team is ahead of Sporting Clube De Goa by just three points with both teams scheduled to lock horns on April 16 in a clash that might just be a do-or-die affair for the Kolkata giants Talking about his team’s chances ahead of five high-octane clashes East Bengal coach Bhattacharya said "All of a sudden we are going through a bad patch but I still have full faith in the team and believe that the team can turn it around quickly "Every match is important for us and the fact that each team is equally competent makes the I-League so unpredictable Of late Salgaocar FC and DSK Shivajians have found their rhythm and believe me they’re here to give others a tough run for their money" The next round of I-League fixtures will see East Bengal travel to Aizawl FC whereas champions Mohun Bagan fresh from their victory against South China will host Mumbai FC Wishing luck to the three teams I-League CEO Sunando Dhar said "I-League already seen a nail-biting wind-up last season and the current season is no less enthralling On behalf of AIFF I would like to wish the teams all the very best for the remaining matches" PTI Cavaliers’ LeBron James crushes a 360 alley-oop against Indiana Pacers(Video courtesy: NBA) The NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers escaped with a 109-108 victory over the Indiana Pacers on Saturday in the opening game of the 2017 playoffs Indiana’s CJ Miles missed a wide-open jump shot at the buzzer after the Cavaliers as they often did in the waning stages of the regular-season let the game get complicated toward the end "It doesn’t matter how you get a win in the playoffs We’re one-up" said Cavs superstar LeBron James who led all scorers with 32 points and also handed out 13 assists and pulled down six rebounds Elsewhere on Saturday Kawhi Leonard equalled his career playoff high with 32 points as the San Antonio Spurs seized control in the third quarter en route to a 111-82 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies in game one of their first-round Western Conference series James has now won 18 playoff openers but he and the Cavs cut it close in this one James missed a three-pointer with 20 seconds left and the Pacers had the ball coming out of a timeout Miles got loose but his effort bounced off the rim Pacers star Paul George finished with 29 points His three-pointer with four seconds left had cut the Cavs’ lead to one point setting the stage for Miles’s attempt at a game-winner George complained after the game that he should have been the one to attempt the game winner "Situations like that I gotta get the last shot" George said Kyrie Irving scored 23 points and Kevin Love added 17 15 of them in the first half for Cleveland who led by 12 points late in the third quarter and were up by 10 with 9:04 remaining before the Pacers rallied Jeff Teague’s three-pointer with 3:31 to play put the Pacers up by two —after six straight empty possessions for the Cavs But James immediately responded with a driving dunk and the Pacers wouldn’t get ahead again In San Antonio the Spurs led 74-64 with just under two minutes to play in the third quarter but closed the quarter on a 10-0 run The Spurs added the first nine points of the fourth quarter to compile 93-64 lead Leonard seized control in the third quarter pumping in 15 points —the same amount as the entire Memphis team —before sitting out the fourth with the game already in hand The Spurs are making their 20th straight post-season appearance tied for third all-time Game two of the best-of-seven series is Monday in San Antonio Giannis Antetokounmpo does the star turn In Toronto Giannis Antetokounmpo tallied 28 points and eight rebounds as the Milwaukee Bucks manhandled the Toronto Raptors 97-83 to open their Eastern Conference series Malcolm Brogdon delivered 16 points for the Bucks Greg Monroe finished with 14 points and 15 rebounds Tony Snell and Matthew Dellavedova added 11 points each for the Bucks DeMar DeRozan led the Raptors with 27 points and grabbed nine rebounds Serge Ibaka added 19 points and 14 rebounds and Jonas Valanciunas had nine points and nine rebounds The Raptors’ first-game woes continued as they fell to 0-9 in openers of first round playoff series They are a dismal 1-10 overall in game ones In Los Angeles Joe Johnson hit the clutch winner as time expired lifting the Utah Jazz to a 97-95 victory over the Los Angeles Clippers at Staples Center Jazz star centre Rudy Gobert went down clutching his left knee less than 20 seconds into the contest after bumping knees with Clippers forward Luc Mbah a Moute Gobert who had to be helped off the court and carried into the locker room is expected to undergo a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan Saturday night to determine the severity of the injury read more

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